About Us

My name is Helen.  I am the wife of Elias Dalitsouris.   Now my husband and his family have been producers of olive oil for many generations!  My husband learned from his father and grandfather.  As for me,  I am not Greek, but American.  I married into the family over 30 years ago.  I have been traveling to Greece all these years, but in honesty I never gave any thought about our farm or olives.  It wasn't until I moved to Greece and actually lived there for 5 years did I get interested.  My husband was still living in the USA at the time taking care of our Fine Dining Restaurant.  (See the Contact Section for the direct link to our restaurant.)


I could not speak the language and had nothing to do, so I decided to learn about our farm.  It was then, that I understood the many misconceptions and lies about olive oil and what was going on with the industry.  So, I telephoned my husband and told him we were bringing our olive oil to American and I was going to use our farm to educate.   I have been campaigning by ways of public speaking and educational tasting.   It wasn't before long that people were seeing the difference and with the help of the Dr. Oz TV Show, Fox News, and 60 Minutes, they confirmed what I have been saying for years!  I was asked  by customers to have an online store.  So here I am giving online a try.

We are still wholesalers in Greece, so its not about the money.  Its about education.

We do offer tours of our farm during the summer months when available!